An ISACA report ‘2015 global Cyber Security status report’ revealed that only 38% of organizations said their organizations were prepared for sophisticated cyber attacks. Is it any wonder that the latest trends report from the Society of Information management reveal that ‘Security’ is a top scoring issue for CIO’s?

This has prompted an explosion in Cyber Security education, certification and training with ‘Resilia’ being the latest offering provided by Axelos. However despite the investment in knowledge and skills it is the attitude and disciplined behavior of people that pose a significant risk.

Ocean’s 99 is the business simulation game that aims to support Cyber Security awareness and training programs – helping to change attitude and behavior.

Learning Objectives

  • You will be aware of the importance of a Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience for your organization
  • You will have a better understanding and insight into the threats, risks and weaknesses in your own organization
  • You will understand the essence, definitions, roles and responsibilities and terminology of Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience
  • You will be able to apply your knowledge and understanding to assess the current maturity or status of Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience of you own organization.
  • You will have gained practical insights and tips on how to initiate and implement effective Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience initiatives in your own organization.
  • You and your colleagues will have seen, felt and experienced the impact of ‘attitude’ and ‘behavior’ as critical success or fail factors in Cyber Security

Target Audience

  • Boardroom, with this audience we will run the Security Policy and Risk Assessment exercise. This will create an understanding about the current Cyber Security status in the organization.
  • IT Groups, we will run the full day simulation to give the teams a clear picture of all the Cyber Security aspects related to IT Services and processes.
  • End Users, we will execute the two final rounds of the simulation. This audience will experience the consequences of Cyber Security attacks, threats and activities and the need for disciplined, desirable behaviors.