Mengapa Perlu Belajar COBIT 2019?

COBIT 2019 adalah best practices untuk I&T Governance dari ISACA yang terbaru. Artikel ini akan membahas mengapa kita perlu belajar COBIT 2019 dan mengimplementasikannya di Organisasi kita.

My DevOps Prediction in 2021

Beberapa prediksi arah perkembangan dan implementasi Enterprise DevOps di tahun 2021

Happy Holiday and New Year 2021

Warmest wishes from the entire family of NaradaCode for you health, happiness and peace during this holiday season and through the coming year.

DevOps Training Class Schedule 2021

As DevOps has become the de-facto standard in our IT Delivery process, it is crucial to improve our capability, and it always start with the people.

As part of your capability improvement program, we proudly announce our public training class schedule in 2021.

How to achieve Continuous Delivery Capability

Automating delivery through CI/CD helps team to release high-quality code faster and more often, but what practices are required to enable Continuous Delivery?

Upskilling Report 2020 from DevOps Institute

DevOps Institute has surveyed more than 1,260 individuals globally to identify which skills are considered critical to Digital Transformation and DevOps.

Some important points of Upskilling Report in 2020 are listed, and download the full report for your reference.

Blended Learning as the effective learning solution

NaradaCode has introduced a Blended Learning Approach, by combining Instructor-Led Virtual Delivery with interactive exercise on live canvas, and Learning Management System (LMS) solution.

DevOps Webinar Series – Different Software Testing Types

As we plan and perform the testing in Delivery cycle, we are facing with so many many different testing types, and how do we choose it correctly based on their purpose?

What you need to know about working remotely

In this digital era of email, virtual meetings and collaboration tools, it is easy, convenient and  can often be more productive to work remotely

Understanding Unproductive Collaboration to Enhance Your Team Productivity

Everybody’s talking about how important collaboration is, but do you know there is something called unproductive collaboration ?