DevOps Training Class Schedule 2021

As DevOps has become the de-facto standard in our IT Delivery process, it is crucial to improve our capability, and it always start with the people.

As part of your capability improvement program, we proudly announce our public training class schedule in 2021.

Handling Information Security Incident

ITIL has been a standard in Enterprise IT for more than decades, and the question is how the handle security incident properly in Modern IT Enterprise? Join the next ITIL Indonesia Meetup on 21 December 2020 on our next meetup!

ITIL vs DevOps : Who will win the Battle?

ITIL has been the de-facto standard for managing IT in Enterprise for more than decades, and now faces modern approaches such as DevOps. Who will win the battle and stay relevant in todays Modern Enterprise IT? Attend the ITIL Indonesia Meetup on 27 November 2020 to find out!

Secure Code Warrior Tournament 2020

NaradaCode and Secure Code Warrior held a virtual Secure Coding tournament on 24th September 2020, after successfully rolled-out the first secure code tournament at the DevOpsDays Jakarta 2020 Conference last March. Congratulations for our Secure Code Warrior Champions!

API Days Live Jakarta 2020 @Sept 30, 2020

The key to plugging into the digital ecosystem is APIs. Enabling this is the “API Stack”: the set of components, tools, people and processes to link your firm’s digital assets internally and externally.

Join this API Days Jakarta 2020 event. Event will start at 09.00am to 04.00pm.

Women in IT @ DevOps Indonesia Meetup – 30 Sept 2020

Let’s join our upcoming DevOps Indonesia Meetup on September 30th, 2020 as we have honoured guest speakers from PT. HM Sampoerna, Tbk to share on their experience and thought on Women in the Information Technology, one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting fields.

Women can do everything, but is there any obstacle in a male dominated environment? Because we believe everyone, regardless of their gender, can bring significant impacts equally. Let’s join the meetup! Registration is still open until September 30th, 2020. Register here

Women in IT meetup by DevOps Indonesia

NaradaCode Secure Code Tournament @ 24 Sept, 2020

Prove your secure coding skills by joining the live NaradaCode Secure Coding tournament on 24th September at 02.00pm.

ITIL Indonesia Meetup 23 Sept – Project Management Practice

Organisational change management is at the very heart of any improvements. Since the whole point is to ensure high-quality delivery of IT services at the optimum cost, change has to be managed very carefully to avoid risk to a stable and functioning environment. You also need project management (and a chunk of Lean thinking) to contain unproductive expenditures

Highlight DevOpsDays Jakarta 2020

Ajang DevOpsDays Jakarta kembali digelar di Jakarta tahun ini dan mengupas beragam topik menarik seputar software development dan IT infrastructure operations.   

Maraknya transformasi digital dewasa ini membuat praktik DevOps juga kian diminati.  Ajang tahunan DevOpsDays Jakarta yang merupakan bagian dari rangkaian konferensi teknologi berskala internasional ini berupaya menjawab kebutuhan para profesional teknologi maupun bisnis dalam menerapkan praktik-praktik DevOps.

Berlangsung pada tanggal 5, 9, 10, 11, dan 12 Maret, DevOpsDays Jakarta 2020 tersebut dikemas dalam format seminar teknologi, workshop, dan turnamen Secure Code Warrior Competition. Berikut adalah keseruan dari Secure Code Warrior Competition pada DevOpsDays Jakarta 2020.

Puncak acaranya berupa live conference yang disiarkan dari BRI Corporate University, Universitas Indonesia, dan Universitas Bina Nusantara.

Jakarta telah tiga kali menjadi tempat perhelatan DevOpsDays dengan jumlah peserta yang terus bertambah. Pada tahun 2018, ajang ini menarik minat 270 peserta dan DevOpsDays 2019 dihadiri lebih dari 520 orang. Hal ini tentu tak lepas dari upaya roadshow ke beberapa kota besar di Indonesia yang dilakukan oleh komunitas DevOps Indonesia untuk memperkenalkan praktik DevOps.

DevOpsDays menghadirkan banyak pembicara untuk membahas DevOpsdari berbagai aspek, seperti aspek sekuriti, teknologi terkini pendukung DevOps, dan penerapannya di berbagai industri.  

Simak keseruan dari DevOpsDays Jakarta 2020 pada tayangan video dibawah ini.

All Day DevOps Spring Break April 2020

One of the biggest DevOps Online Conference is back this April 2020, and we are excited to announce the “Spring Break Edition” of All Day DevOps.

Register to the event by clicking on this link, and join the session on Friday, April 17th! We’re working from home, just like you, and let’s do this thing together. DevOps Indonesia community is also part of the community to make this event happen.

See you all on April 17th 2020 at AllDayDevOps session.