DevOps Indonesia x Shopee Meetup – DevOps & SRE : 2 Pathways Towards Agility & Resilience

Have you ever wondered how to utilize DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to create an agile and resilient system? Join us on the upcoming DevOps Indonesia Meetup with Shopee

NGINX Super Users – ASEAN Kick-off

NGINX Super Users are people around the world who are passionate about creating solutions using NGINX in the heart of their web and application development projects, and often showcase their knowledge and expertise by helping the community and sharing first-hand experiences.

ITIL Indonesia August Meetup – Data Protection and ITIL: A Perfect Companion

Halo sobat IT, Era perlindungan terhadap data pribadi telah tiba dan oleh karena IT semua praktisi IT harus bersiap segera. Meetup ini merupakan “wake up call” untuk memulai persiapan ini. Practice pada ITIL dapat digunakan untuk membantu kita melakukan persiapan. Mari bergabung dan berdiskusi bersama Narasumber kita pada (ONLINE) Meetup Komunitas ITIL Indonesia di bulan Agustus ini.

ITIL Indonesia July Meetup – My 5 Biggest Mistakes When Implementing ITSM

Halo sobat IT, implementasi ITSM bukanlah suatu pekerjaan yang mudah, kegagalan menjadi pengalaman yang kerap ditemui para praktisi ITSM. Mari kita membahas mengenai apa saja kegagalan yang pernah kita alami dalam implementasi ITSM dan apa yang dapat kita pelajari dari kesalahan tersebut

DevOps July Meetup : The Death and Rise of Enterprise DevOps

Adopsi Agile DevSecOps di Enterprise juga seringkali menemui tantangan akibat regulasi dan standard yang berlaku. Bagaimanakah Enterprise yang bergerak di environment yang highly regulated dapat menerapkan Agile DevSecOps?

ITIL June Meetup : Managing Highly Critical Infrastructure Changes

IT infrastructure is the backbone of every digital organization, including banking. Making changes to critical components of the infrastructure presents its challenges where we are required to ensure services continue as long as the changes are made

ITIL Meetup : Practical SACM

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) is an ITIL Service Transition process, is often one of the first ITIL processes implemented in any organization. SACM helps leadership understand what they own in terms of assets and how a change in configuration affects other assets, which helps an organization deliver effective service management and tangibly improves its bottom line.

DevOps Meetup : Feature Scoring in Green Field Application Development and DevOps

Organizations are adopting DevOps to achieve faster delivery of software and infrastructure changes while still maintaining high quality and high reliability of the service.

In just a few years, DevOps has grown to a necessity for anyone in charge of making IT decisions, and feature scoring can helps on this.

ITIL Indonesia Meetup : Introduction to Change Management

In today’s service landscape, the success of your service delivery relies heavily on your customers’ happiness. But how do you get satisfied customers, when most IT frameworks still focus on tools and processes?
Find the answer on this ITIL Indonesia April 2021 meetup!

DevOps Meetup : Introduction to SaltStack

In the past, critical and repetitive tasks such as provisioning environments, maintaining technology, and deploying applications were normally done by hand. But this is fast changing with the advent of true automation in DevOps.

This is where Configuration Management Tools come in…