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Upskilling Report 2020 from DevOps Institute

DevOps Institute has surveyed more than 1,260 individuals globally to identify which skills are considered critical to Digital Transformation and DevOps.

Some important points of Upskilling Report in 2020 are listed, and download the full report for your reference.

API Days Live Jakarta 2020 @Sept 30, 2020

The key to plugging into the digital ecosystem is APIs. Enabling this is the “API Stack”: the set of components, tools, people and processes to link your firm’s digital assets internally and externally.

Join this API Days Jakarta 2020 event. Event will start at 09.00am to 04.00pm.

Women in IT @ DevOps Indonesia Meetup – 30 Sept 2020

Information Technology, one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting fields, come with a fact that we need more women..

Women can do everything, but is there any obstacle in a male dominated environment? Let’s discuss on this interesting topic on upcoming DevOps Indonesia Meetup

ITIL Indonesia Meetup 23 Sept – Project Management Practice

Organisational change management is at the very heart of any improvements. Since the whole point is to ensure high-quality delivery of IT services at the optimum cost, change has to be managed very carefully to avoid risk to a stable and functioning environment. You also need project management (and a chunk of Lean thinking) to contain unproductive expenditures