Entering the digital era, there has been a major transformation in the IT field, and one of the most decisive factors for this transformation is the level of security or security in an application.

This Monday, Pegadaian has been running Secure Code Tournament. One of the objectives of holding the Secure Code Tournament event is to instill awareness of Pegadaian’s engineers, so that they can code securely for applications that will be created or run.

The Secure Code Tournament Pegadaian event was attended by 76 participants with programming languages ​​including Python, Java (Basic, API, Spring, etc.), JavaScript, Golang, PHP, SQL and JS React Native.

In addition to the Tournament which lasted for 2 hours, there was also a sharing session delivered by Mr. Wawan Setiawan with the topic “Secure Coding & OWASP Top 10”

Massive thank you for Leadership team for their sponsorship in building Security and Quality Culture in Pegadaian, Bapak Teguh Wahyono, Bapak Udin Salahudin, Bapak Alfian Noor, Bapak Eko Haryono, Bapak Noor Hidayanto, Bapak Supriyanto, Bapak Moh. Syaiful Anam as well as the Heads of TI & TO Departments.