DevOps Indonesia 2021 Meetup Recap

Hi DevOps Indonesia,

Years have passed since we start the DevOps community movement, we learned so many things around DevOps and how it grow until this day. In this post we will show you lists of events that you may have missed, feel free to browse it.

Date Event Speakers SlideShare Recordings
14 Jan 2021 DevOps Indonesia Meetup #40 (ONLINE) DevOps and DevSecOps Nadira Bajrei View slides View recording
Ahmad Krisnanda View slides
10 Feb 2021 DevOps Indonesia Meetup (ONLINE) More Knowledge on DevSecOps and DevOps Niel Pandya View recording
Ridi Ferdiana
17 Mar 2021 DevSecOps Beginners Guide : How to Secure Process in DevOps with OpenSource Andre Kurniawan &Alan Adi Prasetyo View slides View recording
14 Apr 2021 DevOps Indonesia (ONLINE) Meetup #43 : Introduction to SaltStack Iman Kurniawan View slides View recording
5 May 2021 (ONLINE) : Feature Scoring in Green Field Application Development and DevOps Eriawan Kusumawardhono View slides View recording
15 Jul 2021 (ONLINE) DevOps Indonesia – The Death and Rise of Enterprise DevOps Made Mulia Indrajaya View recording
12 Aug 2021 (ONLINE) AWS & PAYFAZZ x DevOps Indonesia Sebastianus Kurniawan & Muhammad Yahya Harian View slides
Petra Barus View slides
21 Sep 2021 IDDevOps x Shopee: DevOps vs SRE: 2 Pathways towards Agility and Resilience Dheny Priatna & Khairul Zebua
21 Oct 2021 The DevSecOps Approach : Everything You Need to Know Paul Hidalgo View recording
11 Nov 2021 DevOps Indonesia Meetup (ONLINE) – AWS Copilot and GitOps Donnie Prakoso View slides View recording
Rizal M. Nur
8 Dec 2021 DevOps Indonesia Meetup (ONLINE) : Securing your applications Itsik Mantin View recording
Didiet A. Pambudiono View slides

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