NGINX Super Users – ASEAN Kick-off

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NGINX is the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites. NGINX users have been using our suite of technologies in developing and delivering modern applications since the open source project was launched in 2003.

NGINX Super Users are people around the world who are passionate about creating solutions using NGINX in the heart of their web and application development projects, and often showcase their knowledge and expertise by helping the community and sharing first-hand experiences.

What they have:

  • Intelligence – extensive experience and knowledge
  • Strength – high levels of expertise
  • Agility – full of innovative solutions
  • Speed – up-to-date with new technologies
  • Durability – do not give up
  • Responsiveness – passion for the DevOps community

What’s in it for an ASEAN NGINX Super User?

  • Digital Certificate – Receive a Certificate of Completion as a recognition that you passed the test
  • Swag-Up! – Receive your very own ASEAN NGINX Super User swag pack (T-Shirt, baseball hat, journal, Super User stickers) as identity tools
  • Get Recognised – Get listed on the ASEAN NGINX Super User site, to be found and recognised by the NGINX community, for career and business opportunities
  • NGINX Comms – Get first-hand updates on NGINX and privileges such as access to events, trials, etc.
  • Collaborate and Influence – Tons of opportunities to be a local influencer, and to collaborate with the local NGINX teams for community engagements in your respective countries

How to be an ASEAN NGINX Super User:


Confirmed ASEAN kick-off schedule

ASEAN NGINX Super Users Kick-off Webinar

Please register to get access to the kick-off webinar of ASEAN NGINX Super Users for Indonesia.