DevOps Meetup : Introduction to SaltStack

Just a few years after its introduction, DevOps has grown from being a movement on the fringes of IT to a necessity for anyone in charge of making IT decisions.

Where DevOps really shines is in its potential for automation. In the past, critical and repetitive tasks such as provisioning environments, maintaining technology, and deploying applications were normally done by hand. But this is fast changing with the advent of true automation in DevOps.

This is where Configuration Management Tools come in, offering a way for automation software to handle these iterative tasks, saving you and your team thousands of hours each year and, more importantly, eliminating issues caused by human error.

In this meetup, we will focus on the “Introduction to SaltStack (An Event-Based Configuration Management)”.

We are honored to have the expert as our speaker:Iman Kurniawan (SRE at DKatalis)

15:30 – 15:40 — Opening and Introduction (Announcement)
15:41 – 16:20 — 1st presentation by Iman Kurniawan (including QnA)
16:21 – 16:30 — Feedback & Closing

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