DevOps Meetup : More Knowledge on DevSecOps and DevOps

DevOps Indonesia Meetup Feb 2021 by NaradaCode

Organizations are adopting DevOps to achieve faster delivery of software and infrastructure changes while still maintaining high quality and high reliability of the service. Many factors play in the success of DevOps adoption, start from organization culture, lean process, talent and the automation.

DevOps are evolving by embedding Security Culture and Assessment, and more known popularly as DevSecOps. On the other fields, as DevOps become the foundation of IT delivery process, when its combined with other fields, its resulted in new approach such as MLOps, DataOps, etc.

Let’s learn more in this topics from our guest speaker in DevOps Indonesia Meetup. Mr. Niel Pandya (Cyber Security Lead, APJ Micro Focus) and Mr. Ridi Ferdiana (Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies) will share their experiences from the automation perspective, and how it helps to improve the collaboration and integration between teams.

1. Mr. Niel Pandya will share “DevSecOps : A Framework for Digital Innovation”
2. Mr. Ridi Ferdiana will share “MLOPS – Introduction DevOps in Your Data Science Project”.

Delivery will be combined between English and Bahasa, and session will be delivered online via Zoom Meeting.

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19.00 – 19.10 — Opening and Introduction (Announcement)
19.11 – 20.00 — 1st presentation by Niel Pandya (including QnA)
20.00 – 20.50 — 2nd presentation by Ridi Ferdiana (including QnA)
20.51 – 21.00 — Feedback & Closing

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